In 2007, Jon Little started a private practice in Flagstaff, Arizona with the goal of providing passionate legal services to those typically swept down the conveyor belt of the American justice system. In 2009, Ali Saeed began working with Jon, and in 2011, they became partners. In 2018 David Miller joined them as a partner. Today, Saeed & Little, LLP has attorneys licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri New York, Ontario, Canada and Venezuela all zealously fighting to ensure that justice is not meted out based upon a sliding scale of economic wherewithal.

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We fight monsters

Consumer protection and class action

The attorneys at Saeed & Little are highly experienced in consumer protection cases, including consumer collection…

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Sexual abuse

Our attorneys have represented victims of sexual abuse across the country, including athletes who were abused by their coaches. Sexual abuse is a horrible tragedy…

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Insurance coverage claims

Everyone believes they are fully protected from risk by paying for insurance, but as severe weather becomes more common insurance carriers are resisting paying honest claims. We are there for you when your insurance isn’t.

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small business representation

Assisting Contractors and Home Improvement Companies in navigating the statutory requirements of contract formation to fully protect the contractor and the homeowners…

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CRIMINAL & civil rights law

When you or your loved one is accused of a crime the Government, whether the State of Indiana or the United States of America will bring tremendous resources to the table with the goal of taking your most basic freedoms…

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Privacy Law

Develop a risk mitigation strategy and ensure compliance prior to a data breach or regulatory action. Privacy law is a complex area of law and your legal needs may only be satisfied by professionals trained and experienced in this field.
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