Small Business Representation

Small businesses often forego legal representation due to lack of affordability. This decision can often be disastrous and cost hard working business owners immensely. We, at Saeed & Little, LLP, routinely encounter small businesses mired in legal problems which could have been easily avoided by consulting with an experienced attorney for a few hundred dollars. Retaining legal counsel for your small business is not just an important decision but a necessary one. If you are concerned about affordability, our Attorneys will works closely with you to tailor a monthly retention plan to suit your business and financial needs.

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Where we fit in

If you are a small business owner you must invest in legal representation to create a sound platform to launch your operations and ensure future success. We can help you to prioritize your numerous legal needs and tailor an affordable retention plan to help fulfil them. We recommend that all small business owners must try to:  

  • Formalizing incorporation documents such as Operating Agreements and By-Laws. 
  • Comply with statutory requirements for their business entities.
  • Entering into formal agreements with other stake holders (Partnership Agreements, Investor Agreements, Employment Agreements, etc.)
  • Reviewing contracts related to operations before executing them (Lease Agreements, Service Provider Agreements, Purchase Agreements, Financing Agreements, Etc.)
  • Consulting with attorneys to ensure that their organizational structure and practices will not deter future investors, business partners or clients.

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